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Java like Flash is one of those products that is needed if you search the web or use a lot of different software. Sites lik CBS Sports require it for certain features and products like OpenOffice and Vuze require it to run.

I find Java makes your computer run a little too slow and I don't like the fact it forces it's Java Console add-on in Firefox. However it is one of those products you probably can't live without no matter how bad you want to just like putting up with an ex who treats you like shit but keep taking back because you feel you can't live without them.

This like Flash Player is a must install for surfers and software junks. At one point in time you will come across a product or site that requires it. Complain while your installing it like complaining about going to the dentist and still go anyways because you know you need to.

  • Free
  • Needed For Certain Software
  • Needed For Certain Sites
  • Installs Java Console In Firefox

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12 Jul 2010

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